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Do you know your Bead Sizes & Counts?

Bead Size Comparison Chart

16 inch Strand
Approximate Bead Counts

3mm - 136 Beads
4mm - 100 Beads
6mm - 67 Beads
8mm - 50 Beads
10mm - 41 Beads
12mm - 34 Beads

Bead Mix

Specialty Beads & Mixes

Bali Style Beads
Metal/Metalized Beads
and Spacers

Druk beads

Round Druk


Silver and Gold Beads

Washed Beads
(Non Chip or Flake)

Turquoise Beads

Gemstones and Chips

millefiori beads
Millefiori Beads
Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling  Beads/Spacers
Large Hole Beads and Spacers
Euro Large Hole Beads+Bracelets

Lampwork Beads

Hand Made Lampwork Beads

Gold Beads
Gold Beads/Spacers
Rhinestone Beads3 hole crystal spacer

Rhinestone Beads
and Spacers
Toggles,Clasps,Beadcaps,Catseye Beads,Swarovski Beads

Pearl Beads

catseye beads assortment

Cats Eyes Beads

faceted crystal beads
Faceted Crystal  Beads
swarovski Beads beads
Swarovski Crystals
Lampwork Round Beads
Lampwork Beads

shell beads
Shell Beads

olive wood beads
Olive Wood Beads

Toggles,Clasps,Beadcaps,Catseye Beads,Swarovski Beads
Designer Acrylic Beads

cloisonne beads
Cloisonné Beads 

Furnace cane glass beads
Furnace Cane Glass Beads

Peruvian Clay Zebra Beads
Peruvian Clay Beads

star fimo beads
Fimo Beads

wood beads
Bone and
Wood Beads

Letter Beads

Letter & Number Beads
Hematite Twists

Hematite Beads

Noodles/Tubes Beads

Sterling Silver Twisted Tube Beads

Tube Beads

bead assortment

Beads on Special
glow in the dark beads
Glow in the Dark Beads
Green Oval Clay Bead with Metal Inlay
Specialty Beads

Rhinestone Beads and Spacers
Rhinestone Beads & Spacers




Watch Faces

beading watch faces

100's of Beading Watch Faces

Ribbon Watch Faces

100's of Ribbon Watch Faces

Jewelry Findings and Accessories

ear wire
Ear wire

crimp beads
Crimp Beads & Crimp Covers

Toggle Clasp
Toggles and Clasps

head pins
Head Pins and Eye Pins


Cones, Connectors
and Separators

fold overs

Cord Fold Overs
and End Caps
bead caps pic

Bead Caps

beading string
Beading String, Wire
and Tools


Bails & Slides

Jump & Split Rings
Toggles,Clasps,Beadcaps,Catseye Beads,Swarovski Beads

Chains and Extenders

curved crosses
Curved Crosses


Connectors & Hangers

safety pins

Safety Pins
Charm Hanger and Bails
Charm Hangers

Cone and Tube Beads
Jewelry Cones and Tube Beads