Metalized Swirl Beads 10mm SH10-379 - Qty 12

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SH10-379 10mm Metalized Swirl Beads - Qty 12

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These are metalized antique silver plated acrylic metalized patterned beads. They are great to use with other glass or metal beads, and you will still have a totally light weight piece of jewelry, though it looks heavy! Make unique jewelry and it will definitely stand out with these designed metalized beads. Made with quality in mind, you do not have to worry about cracking or peeling. They are very popular as an excellent alternative by jewelry makers, due to the weight and expense of their counterparts. With these beads, you can afford to have great looking jewelry, which lasts year after year, with a simple wipe down, using only a cotton cloth and no chemicals or cleaners, to bring back the brightness and luster. Get yours today, since we have very limited stock quantities! Check out all our other exciting items and look fabulous with PlanetZia..

SH10-379 - 10mm

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