Try us and compare cost, quality, speed and service,
then Tell Us what you think....Here are a just few responses...




Hi Boss, (sorry, I don't know your name) Just a quick note to let you know that your employee, Lisa, is worth her weight in platinum. Ive had a million questions, along with some problems regarding my first order with the Virtual Touch. Lisa has always gotten back to me within an hour of receiving my emails. She answers questions, checks stock, and tries to figure out which watches I am referring to, from an order, when I don't have the stock number in front of me. She is polite, and does not make me feel like a pain in the butt whenever I talk to her. Your watches are also top shelf, with reasonable prices, I'm debuting a new a new line of glass watch bands, and if they are successful, I will be ordering a lot more. The prospect of doing business with your company is exciting. Ive been ordering other supplies for the glass pendants I make, and I got a batch yesterday. Twenty three out of the ninety do not close and the manufacturer has every excuse under the sun as to why they are the way the are, and I should accept them as such because nobody else had an issue. Thank you for providing excellent products, incredibly fast shipping, and a Customer Service department that is second to none! I also give you permission to use any letter of compliment regarding your company that I write. If we continue to do business, I am sure there will be many!
Gail D

I just received my order (invoice # 528080) and I was AMAZED at how strikingly beautiful your watch faces are. I am absolutely thrilled - you can pass that on if you like. Thank you, too, for the free battery. It's good to know you have them available for purchase. I'll be sure to keep you on my list and I will be back to purchase more from you...
Louise T

I have enjoyed my watches that I purchased from this site. They are fun and colorful. Although I have only sold a few, I am sure the rest will sell in due time. Keep up the unique watch faces.

D. Powel - Missouri


I just have to tell you that you have the BEST Service that I have ever had! Exceptional!!!!!

D. Fuhrman - South Dakota


I think that you have the fairest prices for the product you are selling online. I have priced watch faces in the craft store and it is rediculous! In these lean times, thank you for making it possible for us to continue our craft.

V. Zink  - Maryland


I have never EVER stuck around to listen to music on anyone's web site before. ..until now. I love the music...good choice! Gina S.



OMG! Not fair. I tried to make my order smaller, as this is a new venture for me, but, I found I could not do without anything. Lots of really great looking stuff. I hope, I do well with this, and will return with more orders.
Anyway, Thanks, E. Wyborn - Manitoba, Canada



I just want to say how pleased I am with your service. I loved that I was able to get someone quickly on the phone when I placed my order and that you were able to merge my shipping fees for my orders on both your sites. I want you to know I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you so much for your sites! Deirdre A.

I am very impressed with how fast you put my order together. You have the best customer service and the best website. I was very impressed with all the styles you have.
Thank you very much. Kelly M.  Florida


I placed orders on both your websites within the last 2 hours.  Thought I would let you know so you could combine them for shipping.  Both websites are wonderful and the products look terrific.  Nice layouts and large pictures.
Thank you for your service and looking forward to my orders.
Thanks again, Sandi V - Missouri



OMG, you guys are good!  Got the new watch faces just in time for the craft show on Saturday....I really didn't think I had a prayer of getting them in time since I didn't realize I needed them until Monday, AFTER you closed!  If you EVER need a spokesman for the quality of your service, don't hesitate to ask me!  Thanks to you all....a wonderful team, for sure!   H. Harvey



"Thank you for your quick response to my email. Yes, I do love your websites and

 service. You have such a large selection of watch faces to choose from.



"I love  your  stuff  and  speed  you  send it".

Thanks,  L. Burton - Maryland

"I like both the web sites. They are easy to browse and find what you need."
Thanks again, M. Lewis

"Just wanted to send a compliment to your company for your quality of merchandise and
your fine customer service.
I am new to the world of Beading, and you were the first company that I dealt with....Needless to say, I am back ordering from your company as you are the only one thatI  have been completely satisfied with....Some of these other companies send such inferior products that I cannot use them.....Everything I have ever purchased from you was exactly as described and I have been happy with....Thank you for your product and service and I plan on continuing to do business with you as my "First Choice""
A Happy Beader,
C. Dicandilo


"I was just thinking that I hoped to find my order in the mailbox and when I was there! Everything looks good and I’ll put the new watch face and one of the ribbon bands to use tonight. Your site has the best prices and a very good selection of bands, so I will certainly be ordering from you in the future! Heather Y".

"I really appreciate the way you handled my order. I will be using your company again."
Gayle B - Canada

"Thanks very much for getting back to me (a lot of people don't bother). I am very pleased with the service and I have told my work colleagues and friends about your web site. I hope to order from you again soon." Margaret S - 7/11 UK

   "I rarely write to companies concerning online orders, but I really felt I needed to contact you concerning a recent order that I placed. I needed to call, a few days after placing the order, because I had a question. I wish I could remember the name of the person I spoke to because the response could not have been more pleasant, friendly and accommodating. I received my package in just a few days. I had ordered those beautiful Thunder Polish Crystal beads and a package of 4 x 6 resealable jewelry bags. Well, the beads were exactly what I ordered. However, the package contained the 2 x 3 size jewelry bags. I called the company. Once again, I do not remember the name of the person I spoke to, but I wish I did. He was extremely helpful, and told me he would send out the correct size bags immediately. I asked him if I should send back the other bags, but he told me that it really didn't pay to do so and to keep them! So far, I've made quite a few necklaces with those incredible beads. The reason I am writing, though, is simply say how completely satisfied I am with, not only your products, but your immensely accommodating and pleasant staff. I am sure I will order from your company again in the future." Irene F - 7/11


"I love the safety pin watches I got from you. I'll be sure to mention your websites to my friends." Sue M.

"Thank you so much.  I love your sites and I think your service is excellent.
I am so happy you guys got more of the watch faces that I love in.
Can't wait to see other colors.  I am very hopeful now they will start coming in!"
Allison V.

"Thanks very much for reducing the shipping cost on my recent order. That was very nice of you!" Joan G.

"Thanks for order so promptly being sent and apologize for calls. U are always so prompt on top of all."
R. Levin

"I can't tell you how nice it is to work with someone who is so efficient, and cares about the customers, thank you for you quick response, I am also impressed with how fast and reliable your company is, I will continue doing business with you for many years to come."
Angie S.

"I received my watch faces  and  they are beautiful. Just wanted to say thank you for the quality and good customer service. Have a Wonderful Day!" Mrs. Stebbins

I received everything and am very satisfied with the watches and shipping.I will certainly do business with you again. Many thanks. Sylvie B.

"Thank-you D, I have never dealt with a company that is more efficient. You took care of my problem so promptly and politely. This doesn't happen with most companies you usually have to take care of the problem after the fact. On a Sunday, that is unheard of! I will recommend your web site to everyone. thank-you." Kathy K.